Hello, world! What is “the random lesson”

Welcome to TRL. “This channel is not to motivate you but to inspire you. Motivation is like a storm that comes in a while remains for some time and then fades away but inspiration is like the air around you. It remains with you all the time. It becomes the reason to remain motivated. I mean you are inspired to remain motivated. To get a daily dose of motivation eventually leading to your inspired self, join hands and let’s make the chain longer and longer. See you in the comments..”WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

I am just trying to fuel the flame and keep the engine going. Don’t stop if you have failed, going through tough times, sad about something. You are a lot more than you think. Hustle to explore, to succeed. Subscribe to the channel and be a part of this motivational journey.

My channel has one simple goal, to motivate you, to give you that little push you need to go after your dreams. Here you will find motivational videos that fit in all areas of life, not just one. If you also like to read articles related to self-improvement and motivation you can visit our website http://therandomlesson.com which has grown to be one of the leading personal development websites in the world.

The Random Lesson is not just a channel, we do a lot of work, organize seminars in coaching, schools, and colleges. We are a dedicated team of people working very hard to bring some ground changes, spread awareness, basically to make this place a bit better. So If you want to do something productive in your life, Watch these videos, Work upon yourself, Follow and SUBSCRIBE your Channel “THE RANDOM LESSON”.

For Everyone who is reading this..Remember एक महान परिवर्तन के लिए कुछ बड़ा नहीं करना पड़ता, छोटे-छोटे परिवर्तन रोज करने होते हैं I 

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