About The Random Lesson

My Story

Nitish Prakash Surya is a Motivational Speaker & Founder of therandomlesson.com. He is a Digital Enthusiast and a person with a Visionary  Mindset. He is highly motivated by the work of Dr. Vivek Bindra sir and Sadhguru ji and wants to add his bit to the society.With more than 85000 Active Subscribers on YouTube, he is one of Bihar’s Greatest Influencers.

I believe in one philosophy. “A person’s greatest Strength & His Biggest Weakness Can be the same – His Mindset.” I love collaborating with people who have a similar mindset and doing the same thing. I believe teamwork will play a crucial role in the journey to success. If you are alone you can not do much. “Alone you can only take a lone, But if you Build a team- You can achieve Milestone. 

As a society we are failing at many sections, values are going down, corruption  is on the rise, unemployment is spiked and most importantly we as a human  being are losing the love, compassion and humanity which is making our life sad and vacant. My mission is to bring awareness in the society mainly in the life of youth.

The random lesson initially started on 23 March 2017 as a youtube channel whose main goal was to provide value-adding videos under the Motive “Lessons for Life”. Later we thought about expanding our work to the ground for mainly two reasons.

  1. We want to reach as many students to understand their problem and mindset. 
  2. The team believed that for bringing actual change in society we have to interact directly with the students and collaborate with them.

Through our journey we found that students are lacking in developing basic understanding of life. They lack basic awareness about career options, human value, they lack people skills which are mostly needed to excel in the career. 

Feedback & Reviews

People who  joined our community have something to share.

My experience at EACE/TRL group was full of learning and growing. It was my immense luck and Fortune to be a part of EACE group. faculty members of eace groups are very supportive and take great initiative to inculcate knowledge and skills in a student.

Mahendra Patap


Hi, My name is Rupesh Kumar. I have taken an interview guidance program at the random lesson owned by Nitish Prakash Surya sir. This Institute gives me an advantage of enhanced analytical and improved decision making skills that give me enough confidence to pursue the interview by BPSC. by their strategic thinking skills and infused in me and our confidence taken by their mock test. I specially thank to Nitish Prakash Surya sir for motivating the idea of interview taken by BPSC to me

Rupesh Kumar

MIT Muzaffarpur

I am thankful for always encouraging me to learn more and work hard this is a little note to let you know just how helpful you have been you are such an amazing teacher and I hope you know that 

Thank you

Saurav Singh Yadav


What Can We Do for You?

It depends on individual what He/She wants to Do.

We Help those who want to help themselves to shape their vision & future.

Why to Join our Mission ?

This is a golden opportunity to work with Bihar No.1 Motivational channel. The Random Lesson is not just a channel, we do a lot of work, organize seminars in coaching, schools, and colleges. We are a dedicated team of people working very hard to bring some ground changes, spread awareness, basically to make this place a bit better. 

How this Community Can Help:

  • We are a team of Hard working people who are devoted to bring actual ground changes by spreading awareness among youth and people of Bihar.
  • We make powerful video with practical solution on different topics
  • We conduct seminars in coaching and Schools to directly interact with Students, we understand their problems.
  • Our viewers are the guilder for yourself. Their suggestions and feedback guide us, Motivate Us and Support Us.

How You can Help:

  • You can help by becoming part of our team.
  • After becoming a Channel supporter, different work will be assigned to you depending upon the skills you got. We will also train you to develop new skills. And the best part is you can do this from anywhere, anytime.
  • What Bihar needs is hard working,dedicated, creative, skillful people to bring actual change.
  • If you believe you have the potential to do something for the people of Bihar and youth of this country, join us. Be a part of the team.  

Why Collaborate with Us?


  1.  You will get an opportunity to work for Bihar, and Youth of India
  2.  You will learn a lot of things and your communication skills will automatically improve.

  3. Working for this channel will automatically develop a new set of skills, Values, Mindset which will be beneficial in any Job Interview, day to day life or simply it will get you ahead in life.

What we Do -Our Work

  • We conduct Seminars in coaching schools and we are targeting colleges.
  • Counselling of Student
  • Conduct Masterclass, Online Workshop, live streams etc
  • We add value using the power of various Social media platforms
  • We are also into Courses making and coure selling like pdf courses, pendrive courses, Full exam courses, Interview preparation course, student counselling, etc
  • Brand collaboration.
  • We do various other Digital work.
  • We conduct Mock interviews for various exams

Need Advice?

Feel free to contact us




Who is this live workshop For?

It is for students, job aspirants and anyone who wants to boost their life and career success. If you are looking for quick hacks, please don’t waste your time by joining this live workshop.

What will be the duration of this motivational seminar?

Depending upon the allotted time it can vary from 30 min to 1 hour to 3 hours. 

How will this be conducted?

This workshop will be conducted in the Classroom, Coaching hall, Auditorium etc. you will be invited to join a private WhatsApp group and we will share the live workshop link in this group.

Is this information available on the internet?

Yes. You can find most of the information on the internet. But what you get from this Seminar is value-packed information that the speaker has learned after breaking his head for 3+ years. That’s some time-saving.

Can I get a refund?

For our paid Seminar/Workshop -No. We don’t provide refunds in any case. If you are not sure about the workshop, checkout the testimonials, read more about the trainer and make an informed decision. 

Will you be sharing recordings?

Yes, we will be sharing some snippets or videos on our youtube channel “The Random Lesson”. So do subscribe to it for updates. 

Will there be an upsell in the Seminar?

Yes, because we believe in magnifying lives. It is up to you if you want to go ahead with this additional option. However, we will cover various insights which will help you to learn the power of Awareness, personality Development and Values.